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Aarhus Centre for Conflict Management (Aarcon)

Promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange between researchers, students, and practitioners working with conflict

Aarhus Centre for Conflict Management (Aarcon) is an interdisciplinary centre intended to promote collaboration, knowledge exchange, and mutual learning among researchers, students, and practitioners working with conflict in the broadest sense of the word. The centre is located at Moesgaard Campus, and it is part of the School of Culture and Society at Aarhus University.

It is an ‘open’ centre where everybody is welcome to be affiliated, and it aspires to be a creative space where we try to challenge established assumptions and develop new ideas together. The centre is characterised by a dynamic ‘bottom-up’ approach in the sense that its activities and focus areas continuously develop based on what the affiliated persons find interesting and meaningful. Current focus areas include:

  • Access to justice
  • Border conflicts
  • Climate justice
  • Communication
  • Gender conflicts
  • Human-wildlife conflicts
  • Human security
  • International criminal justice
  • Land conflicts
  • Restorative justice 


New Aarcon Report Publications

Introduction to Aarhus Centre for Conflict Management (Aarcon)
by Christian Gade

Aarcon Report: A Publication Series on Conflict for and by Practitioners, Academics and Students
by Mikel Venhovens

Aarcon Winter Conference 2023

See the programme and sign up here.  

“Nordic Conference on the Conflict in Western Sahara" – how can the conflict be resolved before it escalates?”

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Publication of new open access book

This land is not for sale: Trust and transitions in Northern Uganda, edited by Lotte Meinert and Susan Reynolds Whyte